I have a habit of having a desk that gets completely covered with books and papers. I keep an inbox that remains a skyscraper. Once a respected administrator told me that someone once told him that if he just swept everything off his desk and threw it all away then if something was important enough  he would get a call back. I don’t think he was serious, but I thought it sounded good. So I did it, but being a document hoarder I couldn’t throw the stuff away so I raked it all into a plastic gray tote box. I have continued the practice for years. My office now fills up with gray tote boxes. Closets are stacked high of gray tote boxes. So on occasion I have to go through a tote so I can  fill it up again. When I do go through it,  along with it being a humbling experience in regards to my organizational skills, I pull one random thing after another out. I will find a business meeting agenda, sermon notes, a half finished thank you card, a bill, a wrench, a to-do list, a book I started and never read, a candy bar, an important bill, a CD, a scratch sheet of paper with an important number but no name, etc. You get the idea. Well that is what you will find in this blog – randomness. A random gray tote box full of random ramblings, but just maybe one of these ramblings can make an impact.


P.S. – When you follow my gray tote box filing system people do call you back, but it is in an angry tone or with a late fee attached. Obviously there will be no posts on effective office practices.

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