God Will Still Be on the Throne After the Election, BUT

I’m so thankful to have heard it preached and written boldly that regardless how the vote goes tonight God will still be in control. It’s absolutely true and biblical. God is Sovereign. He created and sustains this world. His plan will never be thwarted. Therefore, as followers of Christ we can, as the comforting messages have promised, take refuge in the sake that God is not caught off guard or surprised — His Will continues.

When I’ve been in the audience for such a sermon, I have watched countenances reverse from despair to hope. The fear of the future melts away in the trust that God will remain on the throne the day after the election, the day after the inauguration, and the day the next Supreme Court justice is selected.

We, Christians, need this huge helping of God’s sovereignty. We need to remember He is God.

But even that fact of God remaining on the throne doesn’t mean that life will be a smooth ride. God doesn’t owe us, Americans, anything.

Although God remains on the throne regardless of the election — your 401(K) might tank. Our religious liberties might become a footnote in history. The economy might crash and the dollar may be removed as the world’s currency.  Babies will probably still be slaughtered. Policies may continue that increase perversion and unrighteousness in our nation.  Your job may disappear. Church as you know could drastically change. Our nation may continue to diminish on the world stage. Another world power could launch an attack on us.

Decisions have consequences. Votes have residual effects. Accepted policies and behaviors continue long into the future. Although God is God, He allows us to make mistakes, and we make them.

I share this not to take away the hope you have received in your heart when reminded that God is in control. We need that eternal hope and trust in His promises, but the fact that He is on the throne does not negate the possible disastrous aftershocks of this election.

God was on His throne during the Great Depression. He was on His throne during both world wars. He was on His throne during the many deaths of the American Civil War. He was on his throne when the world was flooded in Noah’s day. God was on his throne when the Assyrians and Babylonians took His people into exile. The Creator was on his throne when the disciples were martyred. He was even on the throne when His Son was nailed to a cross.

He will always be on His throne, but that doesn’t mean our lives and obedience to Him is a bed of roses. America has received far more grace and blessings than we could ever come close to deserving. That doesn’t mean God is done with us, but it does mean He does not owe us anything.

He is still on throne today when our Christians brothers and sisters in some places of the world face death or imprisonment for their faith. Others in the world face famine. Others live in great poverty.

God’s sovereignty means God is God not that America gets to remain a land of luxury and ease. God being on the throne means that His people are under His protection and win in the end, but does not mean the path is one free of trouble.

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