What if American Politicians were Football Coaches

Louisiana State University has the 5th best winning percentage in college football for the past 10 years. They are four wins short of their conference counterpart ahead of them on that list. For those ten years Les Miles has been the head coach. He has led the Tigers to a national championship with two appearances in the National Championship game. Along with three divisional titles and two conference titles. Miles has more former players currently active in the NFL than any other program. This current season Les’ team surged to #2 in the College Football Playoff Rankings. LSU is bowl eligible and will finish with a winning record.

Even after all of his success Miles is more than likely going to be fired in the next few days. Not just fired, but $15 million dollars will be spent to buy him out of his contract.

The reason for the firing as summarized by an LSU insider, “”In Louisiana, we expect national championships, and we’re not in it.”

Firing coaches soon after success is nothing new. Ask Jimmy Johnson who was pushed out of Dallas after winning back to back Super Bowls. Recently, the San Francisco 49ers pushed out Jim Harbaugh who had completely turned around the franchise. In four years as Head Coach, he led the team to three NFC championship games and one Super Bowl. Auburn fired head coach, Gene Chizik, one year removed from a national championship. The list could go on of successful coaches who were fired instantly as soon as the program began to falter.

I take the time to share those stories to remind you of the excellence we demand in sports.

We demand excellence in sports, but are content with mediocrity or down right failure in politics.

We have given presidents, senators, representatives, judges, and agency chiefs the reigns to the greatest nation the world has ever seen and we are content for them to drive it in the ground.

We are fine that we have lost respect in the international community. We are fine with the gross mismanagement of funds. We are fine that we have become enslaved to debt. We are content that our military policies have created utter failures in our missions in the Middle East. We aren’t concerned that or economy has dropped. We are indifference that our ranking in education has plummeted.

What if our president and politicians were coaches? What would their records be? Would they still have jobs?

They sure wouldn’t be getting contract extensions.

Honestly they wouldn’t only be fired, but they would be sued and investigated.

It is absurd that we type away on message boards and call for the heads of coaches with winning records, while the greatest “program” in the world has been driven into the ground. In college football terms, the US which was had a 200 year win streak has now fell on hard times. After 200 consecutive National titles and bowl wins, we are not even bowl eligible. Our number 1 recruiting classes have been surpassed by other teams. We are in danger of being dropped from Division I (first-world nations).

A booster who loved their program would not stand for this demise.

A booster who had any common sense wouldn’t let the downward spiral continue.

Americans, we used to be Alabama, Ohio State, or Florida State now we are Florida International or Kent State. Actually we are headed to be pre-Bobby Boucher South Central Louisiana State University, and we aren’t firing our coaches.

America, what if our politicians were coaches?

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